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"Simplicity is the absence of the non-essential revealing the elegant."   -Julia Rolland

  This Latin term means to begin with a clean slate. The company name is also our mission, to help clients move forward with new
goals and new life styles by providing staging services that exceed our client’s expectations.


  Let me tell you a little bit about how we work; when called, we ask questions. Listening to the property owners lets us find solutions to issues and ways of saving money. Every property benefits from the eye of a stager, regardless of price or condition. As part of your marketing team, we can do something for every budget.

  Having an Accredited Master Home Stager on your team will keep you focused and eliminate frustration. A stager will give ideas and suggestions for problem areas and can get the property on the market in a fraction of the time. The cost of staging is far less that the cost of a price reduction.

Services Offered

Consultations: For Homeowners that prefer DIY. Includes a detailed list of projects and ideas for all areas, and unlimited calling. A final walk through and prep the day of pictures can also be added onto this for best possible photos.

Occupied Reset; This is done when working with or for the owners.The use and repurpose of items already owned makes this option very time and cost effective. Excellent for a quick turn around, most properties are done in 1-2 days. A final walk through before pictures is included.

Vacant Staging; Is offered for either complete setups or vignette settings. A vignette staging includes only the most important rooms, awkward spaces and special features. This includes delivery, set-up and removal of staging.

Assistance; For clients who need help with de-cluttering or completing the staging recommendations is offered. Prices vary upon project.

Lifestyle Refreshing; As your lifestyle and personal tastes change, we can help with a color consult and ideas for the fixtures and furnishing you still love. You don't have to throw out the old to make things new again.

Short Term Rentals: Whether for a photo shoot, filming, or even marketing, we are ale to rent furniture and pieces for as short as 24 hrs.

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